Duration: 45 minutes

How can you translate survey data into an economic impact? Well, as it turns out, someone’s been working on that for decades. This free, 45-minute presentation explores how Cathy Cullinane Thomas and her team help the U.S. Geological Survey and other Department of Interior agencies understand the intersection of natural resources, public lands, and economies on national and regional levels. We talk about the challenges and surprises in crafting and evolving repeatable research methodologies and helping non-economists understand analysis results.

In this recorded webinar, we cover:

  • Seeing how USGS analyzes the economic contributions of National Park Service visitor spending
  • Translating raw data into inputs for your modeling tools
  • Best advice for modeling and reporting economic impacts on both national and state levels

Watch today to learn more about demonstrating your economic impact and enriching your research techniques.


WebHeadshot_TimTim French
Marketing Design Director

WebHeadshot_CathyCathy Cullinane Thomas
Fort Collins Science Center


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