Occupation Data Details (Support Article)

Curious for details on our new Occupation Data? This article describes the methods and sources the IMPLAN Data Team uses to estimate occupation and core competency data.

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What Can an LQ Do for You?

Location Quotients (LQ) compare the relative concentration in a specific area to the concentration in the U.S. Learn more about this datapoint in our support article.

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Duration: 45 minutes (the last 15 minutes features Q&A with our hosts)

Granular employment data has been added to the IMPLAN application. This free, 45-minute presentation introduces IMPLAN Occupation Data and demonstrates how users can leverage employment insights in their own projects. See the Occupation Data's capabilities inside of the IMPLAN application during a live site selection use case demonstration. After discussing the methodology and walking through the use case, the last 15 minutes of the presentation features Q&A with our hosts.

In addition to addressing attendee questions, this webinar covers:

  • What can be found in IMPLAN Occupation Data
  • Uses for IMPLAN Occupation Data
  • Occupation Data Methodology
  • A Hypothetical Business Site Selection Use Case Example

Watch the webinar to learn more about how IMPLAN Occupation Data provides greater insight into your economic impact studies.  


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Applied Advisory Economist

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Support Economist and Data Development Specialist


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