Exploring Occupation Data in IMPLAN

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Granular employment data has been added to the IMPLAN application. This free, 45-minute presentation introduces IMPLAN Occupation Data and demonstrates how users can leverage employment insights in their own projects. See the Occupation Data's capabilities inside of the IMPLAN application during a live site selection use case demonstration. After discussing the methodology and walking through the use case, the last 15 minutes of the presentation features Q&A with our hosts.

In addition to addressing attendee questions, this webinar covers:

  • What can be found in IMPLAN Occupation Data
  • Uses for IMPLAN Occupation Data
  • Occupation Data Methodology
  • A Hypothetical Business Site Selection Use Case Example

Watch the webinar to learn more about how IMPLAN Occupation Data provides greater insight into your economic impact studies.  

Webinar Duration: 45 minutes

Presented By

Maria Lucas

Education Services Manager


Mark Taylor

Support Economist and Data Development Specialist


Joe Demski

Content Marketing Writer

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