The Economic Impact of a New Business Location

A Look at the Lowe's Design Center Tower


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What to Expect

This free, half-hour presentation walks you through the process of modeling the economic impact of a new business location and explains its importance. After walking through the considerations of these studies and a case study, the final section of the presentation features Q&A with our hosts.

In this webinar, we answer the questions:

  • Why would you perform an economic impact analysis for a new business location?
    • Demonstrate the value to a region in terms of jobs and taxes
    • Garner support from public stakeholders
    • Evaluate and plan projects and workforce development programs
  • What insight can you gain from modeling?
  • Who is the audience for this type of analysis?
  • How do you set up an analysis of a new business location?
    • Construction impacts
    • Operations impacts

We also discuss a case study example examining the economic impact of the Lowe’s Design Center Tower project in Charlotte, NC.

Watch the webinar today to learn more about modeling the impacts of a new business location and see a real-world example of the impact those decisions have on the economy.

Webinar Duration: 30 minutes

Presented By

Candi Clouse, Ph.D

Vice President of Customer Success and Education Services


Maria Lucas

Technical Product Manager


Joe Demski

Content Strategist


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