Duration: 45 minutes

Beyond the loss of life and property, events like hurricanes, forest fires, and earthquakes have a profound effect on regional economies.

In this webinar, IMPLAN Education Services Specialist Michael Nealy discusses the impacts of natural disasters on regional economies, from the immediate responses pre- and post-disaster to the recovery process. We explore the quantifiable financial risk associated with disasters and the use of IMPLAN to strategize for risk mitigation. With Hurricane Florence as our example, we take a look at how natural disasters can be modeled in IMPLAN. Download the webinar now to discover meaningful insights about how we can better understand the impact of disasters on communities like yours!



Untitled design (3)-1-1Michael Nealy
Education Services Specialist



IMPLAN has been redefining the field of economics for over 40 years. Created by academics to serve the needs of the United States Forest Service, it has been transformed today to serve as a solution-provider for anyone interested in understanding their economy.