Lobbying with IMPLAN: How One Nonprofit Influenced Legislation with Economic Impact Analysis

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How can IMPLAN Cloud be used to influence legislation? Watch our pre-recorded Lobbying with IMPLAN Cloud webinar to find out.

In this webinar, IMPLAN economist Candi Clouse, Ph.D. sits down with Carl A. Marrara, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. As the chief lobbyist for the association, Marrara focuses on legislative advocacy, bill tracking, and grassroots activation. He focuses on building coalitions with allied stakeholders such as regional manufacturing associations, trade groups, and national think tanks.

In this conversation, Clouse and Marrara discuss how using IMPLAN Cloud helped this nonprofit illustrate the history of manufacturing in the state – and advocate for pro-growth policies.

Webinar Duration: 45 minutes

Presented By

Candi Clouse, Ph.D

Vice President of Customer Success and Education Services

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Carl A. Marrara

Executive Director
Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association


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