Duration: 45 minutes

Watch our webinar and discover how students and teachers benefit from economic impact analysis. Wingate University marketing student Livian Mai used IMPLAN to evaluate the impact of a new electric vehicle manufacturing facility in North Carolina. With the help of her economics professor Dr. Kristin Stowe, Mai was able to run an impact analysis and publish her results.

Mai and Dr. Stowe will sit down with IMPLAN economist Candi Clouse, Ph.D. to discuss their experience using IMPLAN to push the boundaries of economics education!

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CandiWebHeadshotTemplate_80x80Candi Clouse, Ph.D
Vice President of Customer Success and Education Services

Headshot Template (4)-1Kristin Stowe, PhD
Professor of Economics
Wingate University

Headshot Template (5)Livian Mai
Wingate University



IMPLAN has been redefining the field of economics for over 40 years. Created by academics to serve the needs of the United States Forest Service, it has been transformed today to serve as a solution-provider for anyone interested in understanding their economy.