Duration: 45 minutes

This free, 45-minute presentation helps you build a foundation for understanding the uses for industry contribution analysis (ICA), using industry contribution analysis in IMPLAN, and understanding basic methods for filtering and interpreting your results in a single model build. We'll discuss a few examples to explore the variety of ways in which ICA can be set up as well as run a simple sample analysis.

This webinar covers:

  • What contribution analysis is
  • Why and when to use contribution analysis
  • The basics of how to set up an analysis of your own and interpreting results
  • Reporting results responsibly and effectively

Watch today to learn more about demonstrating your economic contribution and enriching your research techniques.


WebHeadshot_TimTim French
Marketing Director

WebHeadshotTemplate_Charlie_80x80Charlie Higgins
Director of Sales


As the pioneers of automated impact modeling, IMPLAN has spent the past 25+ years perfecting the process. With over 100 contributing data sources, IMPLAN offers users the power to perform the most accurate impact analyses possible.