Duration: 45 minutes

We recently unveiled IMPLAN’s enhanced demographic data set for 2020 U.S. data. This new data set, sourced from the United States Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, is included in all IMPLAN subscriptions. Users are already using this new data to dig deeper into their analyses and unlock critical insights.

The enhanced demographic data set consists of calculated values for the splits on population data related to factors such as age, sex, race, ethnicity, language spoken at home, and educational attainment. It also includes calculated values on housing occupancy and vacancy, labor force participation rates, and unemployment rates by age and race. It is easy to explore in the Region Details and Data Library.

In our webinar, IMPLAN Data Development Specialist and Support Economist Wesley Morgan explores the ins and outs of our enhanced demographic data. He’ll walk you through how it was produced and some of the many ways in which it can be used. He’ll also demonstrate examples of how to use enhanced demographic data in conjunction with other IMPLAN data for your analyses.



Headshot Template (2)Wesley Morgan
Data Development Specialist and Support Economist



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