Duration: 45 minutes

Explore 20 years' worth of the data that powers IMPLAN’s modeling system. Watch our free, recorded Data Library deminar.

Data Library is a perfect companion to IMPLAN’s Input-Output models. This comprehensive and customizable database can help you better understand your local economy and how it connects with the broader regional and national economy.

IMPLAN economist Bjorn Markeson, Ph.D. demonstrates key features of Data Library, including regional industry/commodity comparisons over time, CEW data on employment, wages and establishments, county-to-county trade flows and local area analysis (with location quotients). He shows how Data Library can help you save time, visualize data, and find eye-opening insights.



bjorn3Bjorn Markeson, Ph.D
Account Executive and Economist



IMPLAN has been redefining the field of economics for over 40 years. Created by academics to serve the needs of the United States Forest Service, it has been transformed today to serve as a solution-provider for anyone interested in understanding their economy.