Analyzing the Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus

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This free, 1-hour presentation walks you through approaches to modeling and examining the economic effects of the Coronavirus. After discussing modeling considerations and applicable examples, the last 15 minutes of the presentation features Q&A with our hosts.

In addition to addressing attendee questions, this webinar covers:

  • Economic analyses common to modeling Coronavirus impacts, including:
    • Industry shutdowns
    • Employment changes
    • Adjustments in household spending
    • Decreased international demand
  • Potential effects of an economic stimulus
  • A brief discussion of the environmental impacts

Watch today to learn more about modeling the economic impacts that matter to you and your community during the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

Presented By
Jenny Thorvaldson's Headshot

Jenny Thorvaldson, Ph.D

Chief Economist and Data Officer



James G. Squibb III

Technical Product Manager and Economic Consultant


Joe Demski

Content Marketing Writer

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